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A compilation of articles that talk about the lifestyle that you can expect to have when you're teaching abroad.

Living in Ras Al Khaimah

Teachers can experience a wonderful work-life balance with spectacular beaches of white sand and blue water, improved even more by the guaranteed year-round sunshine. To escape the heat, teachers visit shopping malls, especially Manar Mall, which offer a blend of shopping, entertainment, dining and recreational options. If you feel like exploring beyond your immediate locality, it’s a good idea to join the UAE car culture and buy your own (air-conditioned!) car to get around.

What to do in Ras Al Khaimah

Teaching in Ras Al Khaimah allows you to live with a slower pace, a strong community feel and an adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle. Far from being a dusty hinterland, RAK boasts a variety of landscapes which offer unique combination of the four different landscapes found in the UAE: fertile plains, striking mountains, coastal beaches and mangroves, and the desert. RAK is a leisurely city, with a multitude of activities on offer such as diving, hiking in the surrounding mountains, bird watching, wadi bashing, desert safaris, playing golf or quad biking.

First month in Korea - A Little Advice

I've been in Korea for a little over a month now.  It has been a fairly smooth transition, considering I'm now living on the opposite side of the world.  Before I left Colorado I was worried I wouldn't receive my visa on time, I was nervous that my flight would arrive too late for me to catch the shuttle with everyone, and I was worried that I didn't save enough money.

Festivals, food and friends on Jeju Island

If you’re worried about what to do during all your free time here- stop. There’s so much to see and do especially if you’re on the mainland! I didn’t have Facebook before coming here, but it has proven to be immensely helpful in seeing what sorts of events are happening where and when.  You can easily get yourself to another province by bus or train if you’re on the mainland and many people leave Jeju for the weekend and spend it shopping/eating in Seoul or Busan.

Drinking in Korea

Drinking is virtually a national sport in Korea, and there seems to be virtually no stigma attached to getting stinking drunk in public, particularly for men.

There are no shortage of drinking establishments, from sidewalk tents to trendy nightclubs, and this seems to be the recreational activity of choice for many English teachers in Korea.

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