Teacher Recruitment – Recruit Teachers for your School

Teacher Recruitment – Recruit Teachers for your School

We understand that finding the right teacher for your students and school is all that matters to you. And we are here to help. With over 18 years of experience, we are experts at matching schools with the best teachers. Taking the time to understand the unique needs of your school allows us to handpick only the most suitable teachers who will excel in their new role.

Allow us to do the hard work for you!

Since 2001, Footprints Recruiting has been working with thousands of applicants each year to find just the right fit for our client schools. We work hard to filter and screen the applicants so you don’t have to.

As an employer you have more important things to do than to post job ads, screen applicants and go through preliminary interviews. We are a recruitment agency that specializes in finding suitable teaching candidates for teaching jobs abroad – whether you’re looking for a language school teachers or a superintendent, we have you covered. Footprints has experience working with many different clients from special education schools to technical colleges to ESL kindergartens to numerous national government funded public school programs.

We have experience placing teachers in more than 20 countries and our teachers come from all the major English speaking nations (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa). Most of our staff have taught overseas, and we have licensed teachers, CELTA teachers, seasoned recruiters and HR professionals on staff to ensure your needs are met. We know what it takes to be a good teacher because we have been teachers.

Placing so many teachers a year means we’ve developed and leveraged technology that allows us to really get to know our applicants instead of just dealing with paperwork and resumes. Every applicant you are introduced to has undergone a number of proprietary screening steps and interviews in order to ensure that they are the best fit for your school.

How do we know our applicants will fit your school?

Over 98% of our teacher placements complete their contracts. Considering that all the jobs on offer through footprints require applicants to pick up and move across the world and adapt to a new culture and work environment, that’s a pretty reassuring number: 98%. In that rare 2% of the time, we offer a 3 month guarantee on our teachers. Free replacement or money back.

What can you expect from Footprints?

That depends on what you are looking for. We can cater our services to your needs. We can do full cycle recruitment for small schools or recruit hundreds of certified teachers for your government public school board. We’ve done it all. You will have a dedicated account manager and team working for you. With our technology, we have the ability to process applicants through our system for your job like no other. Our recruiters are dedicated to finding you the teachers you are looking for quickly, effectively and most of all: properly. We won’t waste your time with too many candidates to choose from: that’s our job, to narrow the field and present you with the best applicants.

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