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  • China

    Want to teach abroad, but don't have a B.Ed or teaching experience? Get a great job teaching in China with any bachelor's degree.

  • Online

    Online teaching has the most flexible requirements - anyone can teach abroad from home around their own schedule.

  • Dubai

    As a world-class city, the Dubai region draws many licensed teachers from abroad to teach in public and private schools.

  • MOE in UAE

    MOE has the best public school jobs overseas - but requires a government teaching certificate and public school teaching experience.

  • All teaching jobs

    We have current jobs in dozens of countries around the world - find your dream destination

  • 1. Apply online and upload your resume. To get started, view all jobs now

  • 2.After a phone screening interview with our helpful recruiters, they will introduce you to the hiring schools.

  • 3.We help you with the application and visa paperwork and ease the process of moving abroad.

Footprints offers jobs abroad for experienced educators and first-time teachers.

We're here to help and provide personal support with your application. We have already helped 10,000 people like you find good jobs with reputable schools.

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We've placed over 10,000 teachers in jobs overseas.

  • Kimberly Clark

    Footprints Recruiting allowed me to have a one stop shop for the application process. This made everything much easier and also gave me a point of contact.

  • Radha Pillay

    Footprints took away all the stress of trawling the net. They were organized and efficient.

  • Jeremy Cain

    A massive heartfelt thank you to all of you guys at Footprints for making everything about this whole experience such a breeze. It's almost too funny when I'm talking to other teachers who applied independently - the looks on their faces as I tell them how I had no troubles, got everything sorted on time, and had everything laid out for me in black and white. Teaching abroad is everything I expected it to be and more - challenging, rewarding, hectic, exciting, relaxing; you name it, I've experienced it. It's ridiculous how quickly the time passes while you're here, to think I'm already close to three quarters of the way through the year.

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Have you ever wanted to work and travel abroad? Footprints is a well-established agency recruiting certified teachers and ESL instructors for rewarding teaching jobs abroad. We have placed over 10,000 teachers in great jobs since 2001. Whether you have a BA, TESL, TEFL or CELTA certification or you are a licensed public school teacher, we have overseas jobs available for you year round. Apply now to teach English abroad with Footprints (but not just English – we often have lucrative jobs for teachers with public school teaching experience in other subjects from their home country - Science teachers, Math teachers, Physical Education, and more).

Why do ESL schools and governments rely on Footprints to staff their schools? Why do teachers rely on Footprints after deciding to teach English abroad? Here are some of the benefits we offer our teachers:

  • Apply with Footprints – Receive a quick response. You are not a number, you are a teacher. Expect to be treated like one.
  • Footprints Mentorship Program - We pair new teachers with experienced ones, making it easier for you to teach away from home. We know that your transition into teaching English abroad can be daunting and will help you make it a success.
  • Teacher Social Events - Footprints employees regularly travel to the countries where we place teachers to work abroad.

Our goal is to find you a great teaching jobs – for free. We don’t charge candidates for our services and we don’t try to sell you courses you may not need. We just place you overseas in a great job and support you every step of the way.