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Teach English in Taiwan

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Teach English in Taiwan

The ultra-modern capital Taipei, beautiful beaches and mountains, a nice subtropical climate – the small island nation of Taiwan offers a lot to visiting English teachers. Taiwan’s proximity to mainland China, Korea, Japan, Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia means your school breaks are filled with exciting travel options just a short flight away. In recent years, Taiwan’s declining population growth and an influx of foreigners have contributed to there at times being more supply of teachers than there is demand, but there are still cool jobs to be had in Taiwan. The overall ESL trend is similar to Korea’s, with China overtaking both this decade – so you should consider looking for jobs there as well. Taiwan’s standard of living is high and the country is better developed than many of its neighbors, on a level comparable to Hong Kong.

Salaries and Job Types

Taiwan’s ESL industry is dominated by private school chains known as buxibans. Foreign teacher salaries begin around $1,700/month on the lower end, the average pay is $2,000, and wages go up to $3,000+ if you’re a certified teacher back home. Airfare to get you to Taiwan, a contract completion bonus, health insurance, and paid vacation can be included with your contract, so it’s worth checking exactly which benefits are part of the package. We’ve heard that you can earn even higher salaries in exclusive foreign-owned buxibans as long as you commit to being Taiwan for several years and gain the local experience and language skills it takes to get a job at one of these competitive companies. Taiwan’s cost of living is quite modest compared to teacher pay, so you’ll have a comfortable lifestyle. If you’re interested in teaching in a public school in Taiwan, these teaching positions are around but require professional teaching certification from back home.

Popular Locations

Most positions are concentrated in bustling Taipei, but there are also jobs in Hualien, Tainan, Taichung, Kaohsiung and more.


Typical requirements include a bachelor’s degree and being a citizen of a native English speaking country. TEFL certification is highly recommended, especially courses that cover over 120 hours of instruction and have an in-class component. Professional teacher certification is not required in most cases, but some job descriptions demand it – these typically carry a much higher salary than the norm.

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