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Teaching Jobs in UAE


The UAE is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia as well as the Persian Gulf and The Gulf of Oman. The UAE is made up of seven Emirates;

Each Emirate has its own distinct culture and feel. Your experience in The UAE will be as varied as the many cultures that make up this cosmopolitan country. With only 17% of the total population being Emirati and the remainder being made up of expatriates you are sure to see people from every walk of life. From the hustle and bustle of Abu Dhabi city to the traditional lifestyle of Ajman you are sure to find something of interest in this unique pearl of the desert. This unique country has moved from an economy based on pearl diving and has become a major player on the world financial scene in only forty two years while still maintaining its cultural roots. There truly is something for everybody in The UAE. For teachers, there are countless opportunities to teach abroad in the UAE. 

Target of one of the world's biggest educational reforms, the UAE is currently seeking thousands of certified teachers to satisfy the demand for knowledge that this young country has. If you are a certified teacher interested in teaching abroad in the Middle East, this country is one of the best places that you can head to. Those who move to the UAE often limit their search to teaching jobs in Dubai, but the UAE emirate of Abu Dhabi (just an hour from Dubai) offers better teaching positions with its government program run by the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

Abu Dhabi
83,600 sq km (same as South Carolina or Austria)

Now that you have secured a teaching position in Abu Dhabi, your mind will shift to, “What is life going to be like and what is the cost of living going to be?” There are a few things that you need to take into account when assessing your cost of living when working for the Abu Dhabi Education Council: your salary is tax free and your housing is covered by ADEC. But there are some major things that you will need to pay for when in Abu Dhabi such as food, local transportation, residential bills, and personal entertainment.

   Teaching in the UAE is a great option if you are looking to further develop your skills as an educator while utilizing what you’ve already learned throughout your career and applying it to your new classroom abroad. As the teaching positions in Abu Dhabi are not your typical ESL jobs, you will be in a role very similar to the one you’re currently employed in now. Kids are kids no matter where you are in the world so strong classroom management still applies.

Here is the situation; you’re in The UAE and you’ve stubbed your toe. Okay, bad example- you should probably just put some ice on that and pay closer attention to where you’re walking next time. In the UAE, each visit to the doctor or dentist will cost, on average, 150 AED which works out to about $40 USD. Not bad, right?

As a teacher in the UAE you’ll receive many benefits under your contract including health coverage for both yourself and your dependents. Abu Dhabi and the Emirates as a whole have high standards when it comes to health care and, in most cases, you’ll probably receive better medical care in the UAE than you do currently in your home country.