What are the Required Qualifications For Teaching Jobs in UAE?

What are the Required Qualifications For Teaching Jobs in UAE?

So you want to teach in Abu Dhabi? Excellent choice! Before you apply to teaching jobs in UAE, let us review the basic requirements necessary to qualify. First off, most of the positions we recruit for in Abu Dhabi require a degree in education and a valid teaching license. When we say teaching license, we are not referring to a TEFL certificate or CELTA; you must be a licensed teacher, certified to teach one, or multiple, core subjects at the state, provincial or national level. In the U.S., if you teach in the public school system, you will have a valid state teaching license; alternative certifications, such as those obtained online without a practical component, will not be accepted. In Canada, teaching licenses are issued provincially-if you teach at a public school in Toronto, you will be registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. In places such as the U.K. and South Africa, teaching licenses are issued at the national level. Therefore, in order to be considered for positions in the UAE, specifically with The Abu Dhabi Education Council, you will need a valid QTS or S.A.C.E.

Please bear in mind, many of the positions in Abu Dhabi are looking for well trained, qualified and experienced professional educators. You will not be considered for a position fresh out of teacher’s college. In order to meet the minimum requirements, you must possess at least one year of full-time teaching experience, or the equivalent of. Long-term substitute or supply teaching is taken into consideration, but, in almost all circumstances, you will need to provide a record of employment from the school board, or school, in order to be credited for this experience.

Experience teaching in public schools, or an equivalent curriculum is a must, with a few exceptions here and there, and on an individual basis. If, for instance, you have experience teaching overseas in a private school that operates on an outcomes based curriculum, similar to that used in the U.K. or U.S., for example, we will consider your application. Also, your teaching experience must be recent. If you taught for a few years in the early ‘90’s, but have not taught since that time, your application will more than likely be declined.

Also, please make sure you apply for a position you are actually qualified for. For example, ADEC breaks it down into “Cycles”. Cycle 1 teachers are those certified to teach elementary school, Cycle 2 applicants must be certified to teach middle school math, science or English (or a combination of these subjects) and Cycle 3 teachers must be certified to teach high school English and have a BA in English. Remember, you will be teaching core subjects in English in the Abu Dhabi public school system -these positions are not ESL jobs.

Adaptability and a willingness to be flexible is an absolute must. Remember, you are moving to a different country and this process takes time and patience and, sometimes, results in frustration Footprints is here to guide you. We ask that you take things as they come and remain optimistic. Remember, Footprints is here to help you along the way!