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See the Future of the World in Your Classroom

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UAE: Middle East
Start date: 
December 15, 2018
Grade level: 
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Undergraduate
Positions available: 
Middle East

When you move to teach in the Middle East, you'll be joining a large public education reform that's already underway. This important reform aims to help the country's youth (your future students!) become fluent in English and learn from top teachers. This will open up opportunities for them to be better citizens - of their country and the world.

The government authorities in the United Arab Emirates are seeking education expertise from countries in the West - and eager to hire experienced teachers from the United States and Canada to help with their vision. To qualify for these roles, you will need a minimum of 3 years of classroom teaching experience, with a strong preference for applicants who have taught Grades 9-12

Beyond the immediate rewards of seeing your work change young lives, your move will be rewarded with a lucrative salary and career growth. With the government-run ADVETI organization, salaries for teaching jobs range between USD $63,000 - USD $87,000 and the pay for leadership roles is set at USD $101,000 - USD $151,000 (with a number of other benefits included in the compensation package for both). If you're moving abroad with your children, you'll also receive up to USD $21,000 as an education allowance to be used towards their school fees.

Interview dates are already being planned, so if you'd like to be considered, please apply online ASAP. The upcoming interviews are Houston, Texas (Sunday, April 8 and Monday, April 9), Chicago, Illinois (Tuesday, April 10), and Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7).

Here are the positions being offered:
English Teacher
Math Teacher
Science Teacher
Business Teacher
Computer Science Teacher
Electrical Engineering Teacher
Mechanical Engineering Teacher
Vice Principal

If you have 3 years of relevant teaching experience from the United States or Canada, we would like to hear from you ASAP - so please apply now with your resume! 

Job Benefits

Generous annual salary of USD $63,000-87,000 (teachers) or USD $101,000-$151,000 (vice principals and principals).

Your airfare covered to your new country and back.

Additional annual airfare allowance to visit home or travel.

Education allowance for your children's school fees in the UAE - a maximum of USD $21,000 total annually (and maximum USD $10,800 per child)

Relocation allowance of over $4,000 USD.

Medical insurance and visa sponsorship.

Airfare and health insurance is also covered for your spouse and children - this is a great position for teachers traveling with their families.