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Volunteer in Spain - CAPS Program

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Spain: Europe
Start date: 
June 8, 2019
Candidate Qualifications: 
Native English Speaker
Positions available: 
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For this opportunity, you're applying directly to the hiring organization and will not be interviewed by Footprints.

Volunteer in Spain!

CAPS (Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools) is a programme designed for young people who would like to spend a year in Spain helping in a School as a Conversation Teaching Assistant. You will be assigned to an infant, primary, secondary, A-Level or technical school located in the region of Catalonia or Valencia in Spain (students age from 3 to 16, technical schools might have older students).

As part of the program, you will be living with a host family that is related to the school you're being assigned to. The family could be the parents of a child in the school, or in some cases you could be staying in the family of a school staff member. Living with these hosts is part of the complete cultural immersion that this program has.

If the allure of being in a new country with a different culture is not enough of a reason to do this, here are more reasons:

You gain teaching experience that will enrich your CV
You will have all your bed and board paid for and receive an allowance every month.
You will learn a new language
You will experience life with a family of a different culture
If you are interested in taking part in the programme, you only need to click the apply button and you will be brought straight the organizations application webpage.

After that:

They will review your candidature and check that your profile suits the program's requirements,
CAPS will contact you to set up an interview.
Once you have been selected you will receive a letter of acceptance and pre agreement which you must sign and return to Home to Home (CAPS).
From this point you have to book your flight, apply for your student visa (If you are not a European Citizen), pack your bags and contact your host family and tutor in the school by e-mail before your arrival in Spain.
When everything is set, You will receive a dossier with the following info:

School details
Pre-arrival & important information dossier
Family details

Quick Facts:

Allowance of EU200/mo
Paid Housing, food and transportation to/from school (with host family)
Tutor in school to aid with cultural transition
Online language (Castilian) course


Native English Speaker (or equivalent)
Age 18-26
Completed Secondary Education (High school)
Enthusiasm for working with children
Desire to integrate to the host family


Photo by San Fermin Pamplona - Navarra on Unsplash