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Kuwait: School for Special Needs - Looking for Quality Educators

This job is closed
Kuwait: Middle East
Start date: 
June 19, 2019
Candidate Qualifications: 
Native English Speaker, Bachelor Degree, Licensed Teacher
Positions available: 
Position type: 
Teacher (Certified/Licensed)
Middle East

About the School

HOPE School for Special Needs was opened in 2006. The school is designed to maximize the learning potential for children ages 3-13 who are diagnosed with mild to moderate disabilities such as developmental delays, autism, Down syndrome and/or other cognitive disabilities. 

Designed with great care to support optimum learning for young children. The school implements the High/Scope Preschool and Elementary curriculum. Each classroom has a maximum of nine students and the class teacher is supported by a bilingual aide and a helper. We are seeking energetic, loving,  qualified teachers who will work well in a  team environment. Candidates must be certified in Early Childhood/Elementary Special Education. Teachers will be hired for a two-year contract.

If you are interested in a teaching position with our school, please apply now and upload your resume in our application form!


HOPE School teaching staff (teachers, assistants, and specialists) must have a 4-year degree from a recognized institution in one of the following areas: special education, elementary education, early childhood education, or specialty areas such as speech and occupational therapy. In addition, teachers must have training which includes courses or documented experience with special needs students.

Job Description

ALL staff is expected to

• Accept the mission of the school
• Be aware of the sensibilities of the host culture
• Demonstrate high standards of conduct which include honesty, integrity, and ethical
• Respect the dignity of others
• Acknowledge the right to express differing opinions
• Accept their share of responsibilities contributing to the welfare of the school
• Recognize the fact that individual behavior or statements reflect on the School at large
• Bring a positive, loving attitude and a service orientation to the classroom
• Create and maintain a nurturing, developmentally appropriate, child centered-based learning environment for children
• Respect and value children as individuals
• Be vigilant at all times with regard to the safety and well-being of students
• Maintain all records required by HOPE School and the Kuwait Ministry of Education
• Actively participate in all training and staff development provided by HOPE School
• Follow standard procedures for submitting requests (supplies, maintenance, etc)
• Inform the Administration of any needs or concerns in a timely manner
• Keep the content of school records confidential..including your salary
• Wear your ID badge at all times

Teachers are expected to

• Understand and implement the High/Scope curriculum
• Plan purposeful lessons
• Avoid the use of commercial worksheets
• Continually evaluate children’s progress using the school’s classroom assessment tools
• Maintain an ongoing portfolio that includes work samples and anecdotal notes of each child’s progress
• Interact with parents as full partners in their child’s education
• Be responsible for keeping track of children’s clothing and personal items
• Be an active partner in planning with other team members including the speech
therapist, occupational therapist, and other appropriate staff
• Supervise the instructional team through modeling, planning, and team building
• Maintain classroom orderliness and cleanliness


Make your resume stand out!

  • If you don’t have classroom experience, include any experience working with kids or teenagers tutoring, coaching sports teams, music teaching, babysitting, Sunday school volunteering, summer camp counseling, etc. It all counts!
  • If you have a TEFL certificate, include it on your resume. If not, we highly recommend enrolling in a 120 TEFL hour course and state that it’s in progress on your resume. Check out our Recommend TEFL Courses.
  • For more tips on how to present your experience check out our RESUME GUIDE