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Shenyang - Teach Kindergarten

This job is closed
Shenyang, China: East Asia
Start date: 
September 24, 2018
24 months
Candidate Qualifications: 
University Graduate
Grade level: 
Positions available: 
Position type: 
Teacher (ESL Instructor/TEFL)
East Asia

Hiring right now: A kindergarten teacher in Shenyang, China. This is an urgent posting - if you're interested in this position, apply ASAP with your resume!

Have the opportunity to create engaging classes, this school encourages you to go beyond the average lesson plan and employ methods like: inquiry-based science projects, exhibits, field trips, audiovisual  resources, and the Internet.


Bachelor's degree and two years of work experience (does not have to be teaching experience)
Previous ESL teaching experience a strong asset


* Salary of 18,000 to 20,000RMB / month
* 90%-100% of housing costs covered
* International health insurance
* Free tuition for enrolled children
* Yearly round-trip airfare
* Summer bonuses
* Annual raises
* Paid vacations, maternity, paternity, adoption, or bereavement leave
* Discounts and/or Reimbursement for Professional Development



Make your Resume stand out!

  • Did you know we can't review your application without a resume? If you don't have one (or only have an old one), use our downloadable resume templates and tips to quickly create a successful teaching resume.
  • If you don’t have classroom experience, include any experience working with kids or teenagers tutoring, coaching sports teams, music teaching, babysitting, sunday school volunteering, summer camp counselling, etc. It all counts!
  • If you have  a TEFL certificate, include it on your resume. If not, we highly recommend enrolling in a 120 TEFL hour course and state that it’s in progress on your resume. Check out our Recommend TEFL Courses.
  • For more tips on how to present your experience check out our Resume Guide