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Certified Teachers Needed in International School in Khartoum, Sudan

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September 1, 2019
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We are a comprehensive English medium school with over 250 students from Nursery class to Grade 10. Our school curriculum is based on the best aspects of the American “Common Core,” and we place a special emphasis on what we believe are the two most important aspects of any curriculum – literacy and numeracy. In addition to the standard core academic subjects, Nile Valley students take a variety of other classes including Art, PE, Music, Arabic, Religious Studies, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). 
The school was founded in 2012 is operating under the licenses of Sudan Federal Ministry of Education and Khartoum State Ministry of Education. 
While we understand the importance of having a strong academic program, we also understand that school plays a big part in the social and emotional development of children. We want all of our students to understand the importance of respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. Our staff work hard every day teaching and modeling the types of behaviors we think are important and valued by society as a whole. We want all students to be able to demonstrate that they have a high level of respect for their friends, classmates, family, school staff and most importantly, themselves. With the right skills and proper moral values we believe our students will be well prepared to become the future leaders in society.