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Footprints Affiliates

We have partnered with a variety of organizations to ensure that our teachers have access to the necessary resources needed to comfortably take their career on a field trip. For example, some of our Footprint affiliates support with upgrading skills that are necessary to work abroad, while others ensure that goods found in North America are easily accessible to teachers while working overseas. Footprints Recruiting is very proud to be partnered with such great customer-focused organizations. We are always trying to improve our service for our teachers. If you find a service which has been particularly helpful in preparing you to teach abroad, email us to let us know.

90 Day Korean

Learn Korean Fast, For Free

90 Day Korean is a service that teaches you Korean from your computer, tablet, or smartphone using

Tell Better Stories

MatadorU teaches beginner through advanced-level students how to produce travel media through writing,

Teach in Korea - The Arrival Store

Founded by expats for expats, the Arrival Store is an online shop for anyone moving to or teaching in South Korea. From South Korean

Expatriate insurance is something you should be aware of. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant is the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon enables customers to purchase books, movies, music, games, clothes,

Travel with ease and negotiated rates to your new teaching job! In acting as Footprints exclusive Travel Partner; Flight Centre has