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Teaching Abroad: Our Stories

English teachers have a diversity of stories to share about their experience teaching and living in South Korea. There are a number of factors that can make a teaching experience fulfilling and rewarding or frustrating and disappointing. You can increase your chance of having a memorable experience in South Korea by asking some or all of the following questions to a prospective employer. This is a list I developed from questions I asked my Hagwon (private school) in advance, or wish I had asked in retrospect.

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I am sure that many of you are getting ready to come over and one of the major questions (after, did I make the right decision?) is what resources should I bring? What will be appropriate?
First and foremost, don't doubt yourself. Just stay the course. Here is the professional teaching standard relating to curriculum and in classroom practice.

Save Money While Teaching in South Korea

Ah yes, the numerous motivations for travel; a sense of wanderlust, the pursuit of personal growth or spiritual awakening. Or perhaps it is the realization that living broke in your parent's basement is not nearly as cool as you thought it would be when you were thirteen.

So much to sea and eat. Great food in Korea

As you travel down the strip on Gwangalli Beach, there's so much to choose from. Lights everywhere indicating, "We're open for business. We're the best on the beach, and we have everything you need right here, plus, a great view of the bridge and the beach. And not surprising at all, is the number of seafood restaurants that appear from all around in this wonderful area. I recently visited a Korean seafood restaurant called Badajulgae, (ba-da-jul-gay), which roughly translates to "sea of shellfish".

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Teaching abroad will transform you. Read the story of Dr. Irving and how he came to meet Samuel, a life-long friend that changed his view of the world and helped him be figuratively reborn into a global citizen.

Tips for great teaching job application videos.

Some teachers, trying to find a job in South Korea must submit a short application video of themselves to be shown to the Ministry of Education (MOE). I am completely and hopelessly at a loss when it comes to technology, so my wonderful brother offered to help me make my video.  

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Typhoon Matmo on top of Taiwan

Typhoon Matmo, the first typhoon of the 2014 season to hit Taiwan, has given Pat the day off work. He takes advantage of the time to blog about typhoons in Taiwan.

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On Friday, July 18th, "Hopeful Abu Dhabi" Teachers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut met up at the house of a generous hopeful in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

We (Hubby and I) announced that we are leaving the US to all of our friends and family then invited them to join us on July 5th for a Hawaiian Luau.

It was a magnificent time with a Pool that went as high as 14 feet; plenty of our favorite foods made by Family, shared with Friends and served on the grill of good intention.

My favorite feature of the event was the drinks and “Tiki Bar” that my cousin built.  I had enough fun to fuel my flight to the UAE.

Clad in Hawaiian prints, floral & "Beachy Keen" threads we danced, hugged and took farewell photos.

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People will ask you questions... whether you mind or not. Yesterday a friend of my family asked about my move and whether or not I've ever been to the UAE. It was the first time it fully dawned on me. I'm packing to move to a place that I've never been. Is it possible to give advice on something you've never done?

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