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Teaching Winter Camps in Korea

Teaching Winter Camps in Korea

Typically teachers in Korea have Winter vacation off.  If you are a English teacher in Korea you will most likely have a week of winter camp, or two, or three.  I have 4 weeks of winter camp, and so far they have been a blast!  

These classes are different than the normal classes you will be teaching throughout the year.  There is no text book or format you have to follow.  You can teach whatever it is you are passionate about or whatever you think the students will enjoy.  The key is to get the students excited about using English and using English as much as possible.  

My first camp was a Detective camp, my second camp was based off the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  We have done scavenger hunts, skits, arts and crafts and even baking (well, we made Pepero, not sure that counts as baking).  

I was a little frustrated at first to learn a lot of my friends had the winter off from teaching, either their schools couldn't afford winter camps or didn't have the capacity to run a camp.  They still have to go to school (for the most part) and desk warm, which means hangout in the teachers office or your desk for 8 hours.  

If you have the winter off from teaching, good for you and enjoy the break.  If you have winter camp all break, good for you and enjoy it!  These past few weeks of winter camp have been my favorite part of the school year so far!