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So Much To Sea and Eat; Great Seafood and a Great View of Gwangalli Beach

So much to sea and eat. Great food in Korea

As you travel down the strip on Gwangalli Beach, there's so much to choose from. Lights everywhere indicating, "We're open for business. We're the best on the beach, and we have everything you need right here, plus, a great view of the bridge and the beach. And not surprising at all, is the number of seafood restaurants that appear from all around in this wonderful area. I recently visited a Korean seafood restaurant called Badajulgae, (ba-da-jul-gay), which roughly translates to "sea of shellfish".

This cozy seafood house, located on the 6th floor of the Tapas Tapas building, not far from Butcher's Burger, is an exquisite locale for shellfish, especially clams and oysters. Your server will bring you  tray of mixed vegetables, a small salad, bean sprouts, a couple of bowls of elegant yet spicy sauces, and shredded cheese. A small grill is fired up right before your eyes, and beautiful shells are placed on top of it. After a few minutes of sizzling, the shells will naturally begin to welcome you inside of their homes. As the shells open, feel free to add sauces or veggies to the tender morsels inside. Turn them over, and allow some of the water to subside, then it ready for your devouring.

The mixture of veggies and clam meat is satisfying, to say the least. It's Sebastian, Flounder, and the rest of the gang performing "Under the Sea" in your mouth. And there is a soup that comes afterwards, in which you can add rice, and clam as well. And you can enjoy all of this, while you gaze out across the sands, and the calming rhythms of the sea. You haven't tried seafood until you've tried it like this. So next time you're in Gwangan, head on down to Badajulgae, right on Gwangalli Beach.