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Saying Farewell for Now to Family and Friends


We (Hubby and I) announced that we are leaving the US to all of our friends and family then invited them to join us on July 5th for a Hawaiian Luau.

It was a magnificent time with a Pool that went as high as 14 feet; plenty of our favorite foods made by Family, shared with Friends and served on the grill of good intention.

My favorite feature of the event was the drinks and “Tiki Bar” that my cousin built.  I had enough fun to fuel my flight to the UAE.

Clad in Hawaiian prints, floral & "Beachy Keen" threads we danced, hugged and took farewell photos.

The party was exactly what we needed to keep us motivated during the strenuous struggle of "To Dos" in preparation for this move.

Our list of things to do:

  1. Right now, we have all of our documents in a binder.  We need to get a folder with dividers or pockets to place all documentation in once place with labels for easy access.  The binder is organized but I’d like something with easier access.
  2. We also have a folder of copies of all documents including authenticated ones on our MacBook Pro Desktop, but we need to put them on a flash drive for easy printing if needed.  I have the flashdrive.  I should be getting to work.
  3. Get bank information from home country for transfer from UAE.
  4. Get our “Golden Tickets” and finalize packing.
  5. Close some accounts and set up automatic bill pay for any bills we’ll continue to have at home.
  6. Leave copies of our passport front page with relatives.
  7. Let our banks know we will be using your debit card in the UAE. If they are unaware, our accounts could be locked down.