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Preparing for your first Day in UAE

With the start of the school year coming up, everything might seem like one giant haze. I'm here to give you a few things that might help with your first few weeks.

Did you know that ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) has an app?


It's available on iPhone and Android devices. Search for ADEC or iADEC. It will allow you to see the latest news from the ADEC website, as well as, show you where exactly your school is and provide you with GPS coordinates or through your phones maps app, can show you where you are in relation.

This is a handy app to have not only for your first year, but if you haven't gotten it and have been here longer. For all of the meetings, trainings and other times you might be asked to leave your school or transfer this can cut down on conversation and save precious minutes, that you can then roundabouts.