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NY, NJ & CT Teacher Meet-Up!

Abu Dhabi Cake
Team of Teachers

Teacher Meet-up Before Abu Dhabi

On Friday, July 18th, "Hopeful Abu Dhabi" Teachers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut met up at the house of a generous hopeful in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Together we shared dishes from all over the world, our "Golden Ticket" anxieties and expectations as well as concerns for the big transition.

During the meet-up, our teacher host received her Golden Ticket and the excitement rippled on the porch. It was a sunny day that was perfect for beach walks, talks and bonding.

Spouses discussed job prospects.

Vets answered questions.

Families and friends shared travel stories and visit ambition.  This type of meeting helped us to form connections prior to relocation.  I am still a "hopeful in waiting", but now I have contact with new friends who have made their way to the UAE, others who are leaving shortly or have decided not to go.