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ESL Video Application: 4 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out

Tips for great teaching job application videos.

Some teachers, trying to find a job in South Korea must submit a short application video of themselves to be shown to the Ministry of Education (MOE). I am completely and hopelessly at a loss when it comes to technology, so my wonderful brother offered to help me make my video.  

This video is a unique opportunity for applicants to distinguish themselves from other teachers. While your resume and references are equally as important, the video, if done right, can give your application an extra boost

Here are my four tips for creating a Stand-Out Application Video.

Tip #1: Wear Professional/Nice Clothing

This might seem like a given, but it is especially important when applying to work in Korea. In general, appearance and how you present yourself is extremely important in Korean culture. Why not make a great first impression by doing something as simple as wearing a nice button-down shirt or blouse. Ladies, higher necklines are the best way to go because of Korean standards of modesty. Actually, if there is one thing about my video that I would change it would be wearing a blouse or sweater with a higher neckline. 

Tip #2: Speak Slowly and Clearly

This also might seem like a silly thing to mention. However, it is important to remember that English is not the first language of the Koreans at the MOE who will be watching and listening to your video. You might feel ridiculous for speaking so unnaturally, I sure did, but if it means they can understand you its worth the discomfort. 

Tip #3: Have Someone Help You With The Filming

Some people might not think this is necessary, however, I am not talking about the necessities. I am talking about the little extra things you can do to make the MOE take a second look at your video. Having someone else be in charge of the actual filming allows you to focus on your presentation. I have watched many application videos where you can see that the person is holding a camera (selfie style) and their eyes keep darting every which way to check on settings. This is really distracting for the viewer. To keep distractions to a minimum, have a friend film you in front of a solid colored background. This way you can focus on speaking and the viewers can focus on what you are saying.

Tip #4: Write Out a Script

Writing out a script beforehand is crucial for a great video. Even if you only write down bullet points, that is much better than "winging it". Writing your thoughts and beliefs out, and memorizing them creates a picture of confidence, professionalism, and clarity. A script is also helpful when speaking clearly and slowly is necessary. People have a tendency to ramble and mumble when they must say something that is unplanned and are nervous about being filmed. I was extremely nervous about being filmed, but having my thoughts all sorted out in writing helped me focus on creating an application video I could be proud of.


Take a look at my video (link below)  to see how I followed and implemented these tips.

All of the credit for my video goes to my brothers' amazing video editing skills, and I am so grateful for his talented work. Nonetheless, if you want to edit a video, it's not so scary! If you have an Apple computer, Imovie can give great results, and if you're on a PC, you can use Windows Movie maker. Remember, the most important thing is what you say and how you look, don't worry too much about the edition. Happy filming!