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The Battle Against Bugs

Roach vs Quarter

When I was growing up, mice were fairly common in the winter. Whether your house was clean or filthy, when it got cold, they would find their way inside. Roaches were a different thing. Roaches were the story of filth, it meant you had brought it from somewhere that had them or weren't doing your duties to clean and maintian your home.

I carried that notion with me until I got here.  When we first saw a roach in the apartment, not only was I furious that it was here, I was terrified about what it said about my cleaning. That was until I found out that once the temperature hits 115, they start crawling their way in through teh sinks and anything else they can find. People in our building have been dealing with bigger ones that we have.

We had our apartment sprayed for ants and roaches, a friend of mine has sprayed for termites that eat concrete. I want you to stop for a moment and think about that again, THERE ARE TERMITES THAT EAT CONCRETE!

That roach we found just sitting in the hallway was huge. My wife placed the quarter next to it so you all could get a view of what some people are up against. Now that we are more comfortable about it, we've all been talking about it and someone at work let me know that he might have it the worst.

There are apparently visible bugs with 48 legs that have pincers and eat flesh. He had to take his child to have surgery at one point to have the bug removed because it crawled into the babies ear and ate part of the membrane.

The ants sting when they bite, the roaches are everywhere and fast, the upside is extermination is free because they know that this isn't about cleanliness, it's about fighting the invasion.

I haven't heard about it that much in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but Al Gharbia and Al Ain are surrounded by desert and the battle is on.