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7 Tips to Pack for a Place You've Never Been


Packing to Move for 2 Years to Teach in the UAE: A Place I've Never Been

People will ask you questions...  whether you mind or not.  Yesterday a friend of my family asked about my move and whether or not I've ever been to the UAE.  It was the first time it fully dawned on me.  I'm packing to move to a place that I've never been.  Is it possible to give advice on something you've never done?

I'm going to attempt to do that in this blog.

I am packing to move for a two-year contract in the UAE and I've never been there.  What are the steps?  Well, this is what I'm doing, re-doing and planning to do:


7 Tips for packing for a place that you've never been

1. Decide on a luggage set. We bought an American Tourism luggage set and additional tags at Wal-Mart.  Make sure your set matches the regulations for the airline you will be traveling with.

2. Have a yard sale or a garage sale. I promoted my yard sale on social media and craigslist.

3. Donate things to people and organizations. My husband donated 2 suits to Men's Warehouse and was given a 50% discount off any item in the store.  The clerks laughed because he bought a hat.

4. Research the climate of your new home.  Eliminate attire that doesn't match.  I sold most of my sweaters at a yard sale and donated the rest because I check the weather in Abu Dhabi daily and it has never been below 90 degrees.

5. Consider the locations you will travel to during your 2-year contract and add items for those climates. I packed 1 pair of "traveling" boots and 2 pairs of "desert" boots.

6. Consider your work and play activities and pack for those.  A veteran UAE teacher informed me that sneakers and gym clothes are very expensive in the UAE.  Aside from my teacher wadrobe, I will need clothes for being a tourist and going to the gym.

7. Revisit, Revise and Repack your luggage after weighing them to meet regulations. Remain calm and open to change! Inshallah!