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Teach English in Korea


Teach English in Korea

Teach English in Korea - where traditional Asian culture and cutting-edge modern life intersect. Famous for K-pop, Kimchi, and English teaching jobs, South Korea (the Republic of Korea) is well-known among recent graduates as a destination for ESL teaching. With a large number of English teaching jobs in public and private schools (hagwons), Korea offers native English speakers a plethora of opportunities to teach. With most contracts, your flight, housing, and health insurance are all covered - and salaries are generous compared to the low local cost of living. A rising alternative to teaching english in Korea is to go teach english in China, where recent demand is booming.


When you teach English in South Korea, ESL teaching jobs in private schools range from small family-run entities to large national chains including Chungdahm and Avalon. With over 20,000 native English speakers to make friends with, Korea is a great destination for first-time educators who want to gain experience teaching English abroad.

Salary / Living

South Korea is a modern and developed nation with one of the highest standards of living in Asia - yet surprisingly inexpensive to get by on your teaching salary. It is easy to save money, pay student loans, travel, or further your education while teaching in Korea. Traditionally known as The Land of the Morning Calm, the country’s steeped in culture and contrasts. Teach English in Korea and partake in a tranquil weekend retreat at a Buddhist temple nestled in the mountains while teaching English and living in Seoul – the third largest city in the world.

Korea is largely urban and mountainous. The country has excellent transportation - a bullet train between the two major cities Seoul and Busan is a short 3 hour trip. All other corners of the mainland are less than a day’s journey away: from spectacular national parks Soraksan and Jirisan to large cities like Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan and Gwangju. Korea’s island destination - Jeju - is a short flight away. The award-winning international airport in Incheon is a hub for travel to other countries. Teachers often fly to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Thailand and the Philippines on their holidays. A dynamic blend of old and new, Korea offers remarkable opportunities. Teach in Korea and experience a culture built on 10,000 years of history.

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If you're thinking about the journey, key items to read through are:

100,210 sq km (same as Kentucky or Iceland)