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Teach English in China


Teach English in China - an ancient nation with a rich cultural history, the second largest economy, and the world's largest population. Salaries and English teaching jobs in China are on the rise and opportunities for one-year contracts and long-term careers are plentiful and rewarding. Those that embark on the adventure of teaching English in China soon discover the many benefits: a challenging experience that will change your life, opportunities to explore this vast nation and surrounding countries in Asia, Unique and delicious cuisine, savings (did you know the cost of living in China is much lower than in the "West"?), new friends from all over the world, and expanded career options back home thanks to the newly-earned international experience on your resume. It's an excellent option for new graduates with any diploma looking for their first job after college or university. Many teachers Footprints places to teach English in China are just like that - recent grads with no previous teaching experience. Check out our FAQ's about teaching in China: The main benefits of teaching in China, How to process your Visa, and More teaching in China FAQs.

9,706,961 sq km (larger than USA)

There are many different types of English teaching jobs available in China, each with it's own merit, requirements and benefits. We have tried to summarize ESL teaching opportunities in China in the following areas:

  • Public Schools
  • Private Language Schools
  • Private Schools
  • University and Colleges
  • Businesses


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