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Teaching Contracts and Legalities

Articles covering the intricacies of overseas teaching contracts and legalities. It is always good to read the fine print to avoid any surprises while you're teaching abroad.

11 Questions Teachers Should Ask A Prospective Employer in South Korea Before Signing a Contract

English teachers have a diversity of stories to share about their experience teaching and living in South Korea. There are a number of factors that can make a teaching experience fulfilling and rewarding or frustrating and disappointing. You can increase your chance of having a memorable experience in South Korea by asking some or all of the following questions to a prospective employer. This is a list I developed from questions I asked my Hagwon (private school) in advance, or wish I had asked in retrospect.

ADEC FAQs: Teaching in Abu Dhabi

We understand everyone wanting to obtain a teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has many questions. Our recruiting team gets a lot of questions from teachers so to make things easier for you we've compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. Despite trying to be as thorough as possible, we assume you will have further questions so feel free to contact our recruiting team to learn more about teaching in Abu Dhabi!


Marijuana - A Risky Pastime in South Korea

Something that many of us don’t think about before we leave our home countries to teach abroad is - different countries have very different laws. 

Things that we take for granted as being “not really a big deal” can carry steep penalties when we are outside of our home countries.

A big one – marijuana use. For many in North America it just makes the list of controlled substances with the use of medicinal marijuana being somewhat commonplace and mostly accepted – in Canada at least.

Benefits of Teaching for ADEC

Moving is always a hassle and a big life event. Moving to another country even more so. When you take one of the teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, you will be compensated generously for your hard work and will be supported in reducing the hassle of moving by the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Not only are your flights provided in full (for yourself, plus your spouse and up to 3 dependents if applicable) but upon arrival you will receive a settlement allowance to put towards furniture and appliances for your new home.

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