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Private Language School

Articles that cover aspects of teaching in private language schools abroad.

11 Questions Teachers Should Ask A Prospective Employer in South Korea Before Signing a Contract

English teachers have a diversity of stories to share about their experience teaching and living in South Korea. There are a number of factors that can make a teaching experience fulfilling and rewarding or frustrating and disappointing. You can increase your chance of having a memorable experience in South Korea by asking some or all of the following questions to a prospective employer. This is a list I developed from questions I asked my Hagwon (private school) in advance, or wish I had asked in retrospect.

Teaching Jobs in Korea- Public vs Private language schools (hagwon)

This section contains a brief comparison of the private language schools (known as hagwon in Korean) and public schools in Korea.

*Please note that this is a rough guideline of some of the general differences between private and public schools in Korea. Some schools may differ from these for any number of reasons. This chart is for general reference only and not indicative of any particular contract nor a guarantee of any particular benefit.

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