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Moving with Families

Articles covering one of the most important aspects of an experienced overseas educator: Family relocation.

Getting your Family to the UAE - 4 Steps

You've interviewed, been offered, and accepted a position to teach in the UAE. The nervousness of the interview has worn off. The excitement of the offer has lightened. Reality is now setting in. You have to move your family half-way around the world! How are you going to do that? Do I bring them with me initially? Do I go on my own and have them come over later? What are the pros and cons of each option? Do I even have an option? These (and other) questions are valid and should be evaluated on a family by family basis. My best advice? Do your research and talk with your family.

Bringing Family to the UAE

My family’s big adventure started when I was hired by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) in April 2014.  I would be moving my family nearly 8,000 miles away from their home and everyone they knew.  My husband and 16 year old son could not wait for the adventure to begin; my 12 year old was a bit more reserve.

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