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Articles that cover a wide set of topics related to the issues of living and teaching abroad. Most of these are tailored towards overseas teachers, but they also apply to other international jobs.

Living in Ras Al Khaimah

Teachers can experience a wonderful work-life balance with spectacular beaches of white sand and blue water, improved even more by the guaranteed year-round sunshine. To escape the heat, teachers visit shopping malls, especially Manar Mall, which offer a blend of shopping, entertainment, dining and recreational options. If you feel like exploring beyond your immediate locality, it’s a good idea to join the UAE car culture and buy your own (air-conditioned!) car to get around.

The Battle Against Bugs

When I was growing up, mice were fairly common in the winter. Whether your house was clean or filthy, when it got cold, they would find their way inside. Roaches were a different thing. Roaches were the story of filth, it meant you had brought it from somewhere that had them or weren't doing your duties to clean and maintian your home.

So Much To Sea and Eat; Great Seafood and a Great View of Gwangalli Beach

As you travel down the strip on Gwangalli Beach, there's so much to choose from. Lights everywhere indicating, "We're open for business. We're the best on the beach, and we have everything you need right here, plus, a great view of the bridge and the beach. And not surprising at all, is the number of seafood restaurants that appear from all around in this wonderful area. I recently visited a Korean seafood restaurant called Badajulgae, (ba-da-jul-gay), which roughly translates to "sea of shellfish".

Living Information: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Al Gharbia

 Working a teaching job in Abu Dhabi does not mean being confined to one city - the Emirate and the UAE as a whole has many interesting cities and towns to visit and enjoy. Outside Abu Dhabi city are the western region of Al Gharbia and the eastern region of Al Ain. Al Gharbia is a vast desert with many traditional settlements. It's the place to experience traditional bedouin culture, traditional activities like horseback riding and falconry and see oases that have been settled since ancient times.

FAQs: Life in Abu Dhabi

We understand everyone wanting to obtain a teaching job in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has many questions. We know moving abroad for a teaching job in Abu Dhabi is stressful, but coming prepared with realistic expectations makes the transition much easier. Read below for answers to commonly asked questions about life in Abu Dhabi and get in touch with us if you have further questions. 


Q: Where is Abu Dhabi?

A: Abu Dhabi is located in the Persian Gulf region. It borders Saudi Arabia and Oman.


Making International Calls From Taiwan

International calls can be made from private cell phones, public IDD phones, or hotel IDD phones. International calls are charged in units of six seconds. It is best to have a phone card when making these calls to prevent a shocking bill in the future. Teachers have a habit of "drunk dialing" in fact, that seemed to be the only time I called home when I was abroad. My folks thought I had a bit of a problem but it was just that I got a little over emotional after the 12th bottle of beer. After the first phone bill I ALWAYS used phone cards or better yet Skype.


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