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Job Application Tips

Tips, tricks and advice from those of us who read resumes and interview everyday.

Listen, we get it-looking for a new job is a job in and of itself. Here you'll find some helpful pointers on how to make a good first impression, stand out as the big fish in a sea of applications, customize your resume and what NOT to do if you want a teaching job abroad. Hopefully, you'll find this information both insightful and entertaining-you'll laugh, you'll cry (probably not, we're being dramatic), you'll click APPLY! Topics covered in this section:

  • Email Etiquette
  • Tips for Acing your Teaching Interview
  • Resume Writing
  • Presentation and Professional Dress

Skype, What?!

The Simple How To: Skype Interview. Don't lose out because you don't know how to use the technology. It's not that scary, it won't bite and it's the first step in securing a teaching job abroad. 

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