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Learn to be a Travel Writer or Photographer

Learn to be a Travel Writer

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MatadorU: Travel Writing, Photography & Filmmaking Courses

MatadorU is the most comprehensive online travel journalism school in the world, covering diverse topics from how to set up your own blog, to building skills in your chosen medium, to creating and marketing your personal brand.

MatadorU: Travel Journalism from Matador Network


Where will travel writing and photography take you this year?

Many of you visiting our site are already abroad teaching, or considering teaching abroad. Tired of writing the same old emails and Facebook posts to your friends about your adventures abroad? Looking for a larger audience? Wondering how to get those amazing photos out to a broader audience and get paid for them? MatadorU teaches beginner through advanced-level students how to produce travel media through writing, photography, and filmmaking. Their successful approach is based on experiential learning, or learning by doing: They don’t just rely on curricula and assignments, but proactively engage students around projects and publishing opportunities.


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​"National Geographic Traveler, the world’s most widely read travel magazine, is looking to Matador to help us find new talent–writers, photographers, videographers and multimedia reporters.”






"…the course is rich and informative, and in many ways it literally gives away the blueprint used to navigate the continuously evolving world of travel publishing.”

- Brenda Yun, AOL Travel/Gadling




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