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Weather in the UAE

Weather in the UAE

How can I explain the weather of the UAE?

Oh yeah, hot. The UAE is a desert climate; as such you can expect plenty of sun and heat. It is located north of the equator so you will be on the same seasonal schedule as you are in North America or Europe, however there will be a great deal more heat.

For example, here is what you can expect during the four seasons.

Fall – Hot

Winter – Hot but less hot than Fall.

Spring – Hotter than winter.

Summer – Hot and humid.

In all seriousness though you can expect temperatures around the 25-35 degree Celsius mark during Fall, Winter and Spring and it will spike in the Summer with temperatures hitting upwards of 45 degrees.

This means two things to prospective teachers heading over.

  • Pack light clothes and lots of sunscreen.
    • Stay hydrated.

Of course your location in the country also will influence what you experience in terms of weather. Al-Ain, the oasis region of Abu Dhabi is generally a little cooler than Abu Dhabi city itself.

What about rain?

Yes, it does rain from time to time, but you are looking at less than 15 days per year. That being said when it rains it pours. Maybe pack an umbrella just in case.

In terms of adverse weather you can expect thick fog during the winter and sandstorms during the summer. These can cause traffic delays and school closures but are generally more a nuisance than a real problem.

Really, the weather of the UAE is one of the reasons why teachers flock to region. Sunshine almost every day and beaches that stretch for miles!