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Regional Travel from the UAE

Regional Travel from the UAE

  Abu Dhabi is well connected with flights to cities all over the world, and with plenty of vacation time teachers in Abu Dhabi have the opportunity to travel around the region and explore. Emirates Air and Etihad connect Abu Dhabi with virtually every major city in the world. In summer, when many expats leave on summer break to escape the scorching temperatures that can top out at 50 degrees Celcius (115 degrees Fahrenheit), those working teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi enjoy a long break as well as a vacation flight provided by the Abu Dhabi Education Council free of charge. We highly recommend teachers to take advantage and explore! For those who want to travel to Europe for vacation there are plenty flight options, but in this section we'd like to highlight some of the more interesting destinations in the region.


  Only a short drive from Al Ain, and either a short flight or a road trip away from Abu Dhabi City, Oman is a fascinating and beautiful country that has hardly been discovered by tourists - although this is rapidly changing. Oman is like the quiet neighbour on a rowdy block. Away from the traffic choked streets of Dubai and the skyscrapers and sprawl of Abu Dhabi, Oman is a quieter place, where development has been slower and more deliberate, where the pace of life is a little slower and the modern world seems a little further away. Oman has a rugged landscape that can only be described as breathtakingly beautiful. A mountainous land, it has a very distinct look and feel that is very much worth exploring. Visitors can drive from Abu Dhabi to the capital of Muscat - a major port on the Arabian Sea and one of the oldest cities in the region. Here you'll find plenty to do, see and buy. Muscat has a famous waterfront and several ancient monuments well worth a visit.


   In many ways Qatar resembles the UAE: a wealthy petro-state with a nag for splurging on modern architecture and artificial islands off its coast (this time in the shape of a palm tree). Like the UAE, it's a relatively liberal Arab state (the home of the famous Al-Jazeera TV news channel) with plenty of opportunities for entertainment. The leaders of Qatar have been working hard at putting their country and its capital Doha on the map, as they're often overshadowed by the larger UAE. Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World Cup (soccer) in 2022 and is buzzing with activity to welcome an increasingly large number of visitors every year. Note that obtaining a visa for Qatar can be tedious as it requires somebody inside the country (a 'guarantor') to file the paperwork for you - larger hotel chains will offer a visa service when you book a stay with them.


  The name of the country meaning "Two Seas" in Arabic, this island nation has been defined by its proximity to the water. Building its early fortunes on the pearl fishing industry, the modern Bahrain is a dynamic state built on oil and banking. It's considered a liberal country by Gulf standards and has plenty of entertainment and shopping opportunities. The capital of Manama is less glitzy than Dubai or Abu Dhabi and offers a more authentic Arab experience. As the Kingdom of Bahrain is an ancient nation, there are plenty of historic sights including a fortress and a well maintained National Museum. Visas are available at all points of entry for about $13.