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Teach Abroad in Dubai


Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and home to more than two million people from all over the world. Here you’ll find a varied mix of cultures from Emirati nationals to expats from the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Pakistan-the list goes on and on! Despite its rapid development over the past few decades, the city dates back nearly one thousand years. Once a major part of the Arabian pearling industry, it shifted focus to oil exports in the 1960’s and 70’s, bringing a significant amount of commercial wealth to the region.  So, that’s how they can afford to build the world’s only 7 star hotel! Dubai has since developed into a thriving cosmopolitan city that draws people from around the world, for both business and recreation. In fact, Dubai was recently listed in Forbes’ top 10 list of the world’s most visited cities. So what are you waiting for?