Learn About Teaching Abroad

What is it like to teach abroad? When should you make the move and how far in advance does it have to be planned? In this section we'll tell you everything you need to know - and maybe we can schedule an interview soon to get you started on a big adventure! 

About teaching abroad
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Why Teach Abroad With Footprints?

Have you ever wanted to teach English abroad? Footprints is a global leader in recruiting certified teachers and ESL instructors for rewarding teaching jobs abroad with over 16 years of experience! 

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why teach abroad?

Why Teach Abroad

Why Teach Abroad? Read on to find out our top 6 reasons for you to go overseas and experience a life changing experience - being able to travel while you are taking a big step for your teaching carreer is only one of the reasons! 

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Who Can Teach Abroad

The requirements to teach abroad depend on the country‘s visa conditions and the employer’s specifications for employment. Footprints does not set the requirements, but works under the guidelines of our employers and their government - depending on the position you're aiming for, there are different qualifications you need.

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Types of Teaching Jobs abroad

Welcome to the wonderful world of international teaching and education. We here at Footprints are lucky to be able to offer not only a wide variety of locations for teaching jobs, but also a wide range of types of teaching jobs abroad. Let's see what fits you best! 

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Country Guides

The world is wide and deciding where you wanna go teach can be tough! Learn about all the countries where you can teach English abroad through Footprints. Extensive guides on life, culture & teaching in each of these countries are waiting for you to be discovered! 

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