ADEC and MOE Merge - What does it mean for teachers?

It was recently announced that the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) would merge with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in an effort to streamline the education system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with the federal system already in place in the rest of the UAE. This merger will pave the way for the standardization of curricula, evaluation and examinations in the country’s public schools, as well as private schools which follow the government curriculum.
So what does this mean for teachers? Check our handy infographic for answers at a glance! Or read on below for more information.

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What Does this Mean for Teachers?

The main way that this ADEC MOE merger will impact teachers is that ADEC is no longer hiring new teachers. Now any teachers interested in teaching in public schools in the UAE will have to apply through the Ministry of Education (MOE), which up until this point has been responsible for public schools in all emirates, besides Abu Dhabi. This means that the contract originally offered by ADEC has changed and that all new foreign teachers will now be signing a contract with the MOE.  


Naturally this announcement has caused some confusion and upset amongst teachers considering teaching abroad in the UAE which is why we’ve compared the old ADEC contract with the MOE contract currently being offered to teachers and highlighted the main differences below.

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ADEC positions had a salary range of $43,000 - $66,000 (USD) annually. The MOE on the other hand ranges from $52,000 - $68,000, according to the position. While ADEC salaries varied and  were based on your years of teaching experience and education, the MOE has set salaries for each position, meaning you won’t need a PHD and 10 years of experience to earn the top end of the range.  



One of the most popular aspects of the ADEC contract was the free housing that was provided in addition to a teacher’s salary. The MOE's housing allowance is built into your benefits package a little differently. When you teach with the MOE your housing stipend is included in your salary instead of being provided seperately. This is good news for teachers who like having the option to choose their own accommodation rather than be allocated shared housing with other teachers.

Travelling with a Family

Unfortunately MOE packages are not quite as family friendly as ADEC’s were. The good news is that visa sponsorship, return flights (to the UAE at the beginning of your contract and home at the end) and local medical insurance is provided for teachers, their spouse and up to three children. However, there is no additional housing allowances for families.

Interview Locations

Both the MOE and ADEC hold several rounds of in-person interviews during the year. ADEC typically conducted interviews in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and South Africa. The MOE will be holding interviews in the UK, Ireland and US in 2018. Teachers from other countries are welcome to apply and interview in any of these locations. However it is important to bear in mind that teachers are responsible for any expenses incurred travelling to these interview locations. Unfortunately Skype interviews are not permitted.

Contract Length

One of the good things about this change is the length of the contracts. The MOE contract is for two years, compared to the three year commitment ADEC demanded from its teachers. This can make the prospect of moving abroad to teach slightly less daunting for teachers who were worried about signing up for such a considerable period of time.

Types of Positions

The MOE offers a far more diverse range of positions than ADEC (who mainly recruited teachers for English, Math and Science roles). While the MOE hires teachers for those core subjects it is also looking for Business, P.E., Design, Special Education and Computer Science teachers and more (see a full list of positions here).


The MOE has recently announced a new position for English graduates which does not require a teaching license or experience. This is very unusual in the UAE and a great opportunity for aspiring English teachers who do not have a license and public school teaching experience to kick-start their international careers. English graduates hired for this position will have the opportunity to progress and fully qualify as a licensed teacher! Similarly to ADEC most other MOE positions require a teaching license and at least 2 years of public school teaching experience (check out the positions here for subject specific requirements).


Where You'll Be Placed

The ADEC MOE merger means that teachers applying to teach with the MOE will have the opportunity to be placed in any of the seven emirates (and won’t be limited to Abu Dhabi, as with ADEC). Schools are located throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, all of which have their own unique charm and attraction.

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