Teaching Jobs in Qatar

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Teaching Jobs in Qatar
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Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Qatar’s people are hospitable and their culture is built on strong tradition, even while the small country is modernizing quickly. Here in Qatar, oil revenues power newfound wealth. The bulk of teaching jobs are in the international school system delivering Western style curricula. Since 2001, Qatar has undertaken a large educational reform called Education for a New Era. Addressing outdated delivery methods and lack of educational standards, this program focuses on setting international curriculum standards and enabling parent school choice. Culturally, Qatar is not quite as conservative as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – though more so than UAE and Bahrain. For example, Non-Muslims can legally drink here.

Teaching Job Locations

Most teaching jobs in Qatar are located in the capital Doha, which has recently emerged as one of the Gulf regions’ megacities (along with Dubai and Abu Dhabi). 60% of the country’s 2-million strong population is concentrated in this city. Qatar is a peninsula in the Persian Gulf and it’s blessed with a great coastline dotted with beautiful beaches. If you move here, you’ll guaranteed sunshine 98% of the time, though after a while the hot climate can be a bit trying. Ottoman-era sights, glittering malls and skyscrapers mix easily here and you’ll find that there’s something for everyone. Moderate nightlife exists, but Qatar can be a better place for families and determined professionals. Unlike UAE’s diversions for those who love to go out, Qatar offers more wholesome activities like yoga, running, and cultural events.


To qualify for nearly every teaching job in Qatar, you should be a professional educator and be licensed to teach in your home country, as well as a native English speaker. Other qualifications are in much less demand, though we have recently seen jobs for early childhood educators that required ECE certification, without necessarily having a public school teaching license.

Visa Requirements

Qatar’s traditional kafala passport system means that the employer has to sponsor you and your exit visa depend in large part on the school you're working with. When agreeing on the terms of your contract, try to negotiate multiple exit visas to be able to take breaks outside of Qatar.