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Oumeida English Training Centre in Manzhouli, China

Start date: 
February 1, 2020
12 months
Candidate Qualifications: 
Bachelor Degree, University Graduate
Positions available: 
Position type: 
Teacher (ESL Instructor/TEFL)

About the School

Make a move to teach English in beautiful China in a well established, successful school. For over ten years, the Oumeida English Training Centre has been the most successful and recognized English language training center in Manzhouli. It prides itself on providing a strong and consistent curriculum from kindergarten to grade 9. The success of the school's approach shows in the quality of the students’ language skills, particularly in higher grades. This has contributed to their success in getting accepted into good high schools and universities, with some having gone on to study abroad.

Teachers will be offered competitive compensation packages, comprehensive training arrangements, and great career development opportunities. Join an international teaching team and work alongside seven other teachers from USA, UK, and Canada!

Earn 15,000 – 18,000 RMB per month with no teaching experience. This salary will let you save quite a bit -  you only pay for the phone bill and everything else is covered (and of course prices in Inner Mongolia are a lot lower than what you're used to paying at home).

Job Description

As a foreign teacher, you will be committed to delivering well-crafted and active lessons that focus on improving the key language skills of the students, while working with colleagues collaboratively to improve individual performance and strengthen the school as a whole.

General Class Information

  • Class duration:  45 minutes
  • Class sizes: 10 - 26 students
  • Student age: Kindergarten –> Grade 9
  • Local teacher present in class
  • Textbooks/curriculum provided


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • TEFL Certificate
  • Previous teaching experience is an asset

Your Responsibilities


Class planning

  • Produce extensive and clear class plans for each lesson with the assistance of the class Chinese teacher
  • Follow the basic planning formula provided by the school
  • Deliver lessons according to the curriculum and resources provided
  • Give ample time to make necessary additional preparations for each class
  • Work with your Chinese teacher to improve and develop lesson plans and accept feedback


Class delivery

  • Deliver all the lessons according to your plan, making adjustments where necessary
  • Employ a range of strategies for effective classroom management
  • Make lessons fun and engaging for the learners
  • Maintain a positive, friendly and approachable attitude
  • Consistent and effective in-class time-management
  • Be punctual and arrive/depart classes in good time
  • Be fully conscious of and attentive to student safety and well-being



  • Attend and engage in weekly staff meetings
  • Assist with marking outside of class where necessary
  • Participate in seasonal, cultural and extra-curricular activities
  • Help maintain a clean, safe and positive work environment
  • Assist in the training and development of new teachers
  • Provide feedback where necessary for the ongoing development of the curriculum and the school


Make your resume stand out!

  • If you don’t have classroom experience, include any experience working with kids or teenagers tutoring, coaching sports teams, music teaching, babysitting, Sunday school volunteering, summer camp counseling, etc. It all counts!
  • If you have a TEFL certificate, include it on your resume. If not, we highly recommend enrolling in a 120 TEFL hour course and state that it’s in progress on your resume. Check out our Recommend TEFL Courses.
  • For more tips on how to present your experience check out our RESUME GUIDE


Photo by hasan amar on Unsplash