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No Experience? No Problem! Great Organization Seeking New Teachers in Shenyang China

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Shenyang, China: East Asia
Start date: 
January 7, 2018
Candidate Qualifications: 
Native English Speaker, Bachelor Degree
Grade level: 
Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5
Positions available: 
Position type: 
Teacher (ESL Instructor/TEFL)
East Asia

Job Description

Teaching Abroad in Shenyang

High-end English Traning Center located in Shenyang, China. The school uses a PK-Grade 6 program. The classes are based on the American primary school system. Students use an innovative and immersive McGraw-Hill program as the main curriculum to prove an engaging and effective learning experience in the classroom.

The employer is looking for young, enthusiastic, and passionate North American teachers to be part of his school. Bonus and overtime opportunities exist, with a work week that never exceeds 35 hours. If one teaches for 25 hours, then 10 hours of office time are expected.

Why apply to this job?

  • A high starting wage for new graduates in China,
  • Teaching Experience

Shenyang holds the headquarters of a number of multinational corporations which implies that there is a very strong expat community in this city. Social opportunities with saving opportunities make Shenyang a fantastic first stop for teachers headed to China. Teaching English in Shenyang will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and be simultaneously immersed in an ancient culture with one of the world's fastest growing economies.Culturally speaking, 36 of the 58 distinct ethnic groups of China are represented in Shenyang. A climate of four seasons exists with pleasant summers and brisk yet fun winters.


    This is among the highest paying entry level positions in China that Footprints Recruiting has to offer. There is also a very low cost of living in Shenyang, so if you have no teaching experience but a very positive attitude and a desire to teach, this could be the job for you!

    Job Details

    • Type of Teaching Job: Private - teaching ESL to young learners
    • Age of Students: 3-14
    • Number of Students in Class: 12-16
    • Number of Students in School: 900
    • Number of Local Teachers: 30-35
    • Number of Foreign Teachers: 25-30
    • Duration of Contract: 15 months
    • Teaching Hours Per Week: 20-25
    • Schedule: 5 days a week
    • Office Hours Per Week: 17-22
    • Schedule Notes: Wednesday-Sunday


    • Required Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree
    • 2 yrs of post-graduate work experience preferred
    • Required Nationality: American, Canadian
    • Teacher Certification: not required
    • Teaching Experience: Not required, but preferred
    • TEFL Certification: TEFL certificate is required


    TEFL certification Online

    Job Benefits


    The salary package for foreign teachers is enough to live very comfortably in Shenyang, a city with a low cost of living.

    • Salary: 7,000 RMB (2 month probationary period) will rise to 8,000 RMB (month 3 through 6) and will then rise to 10,000 RMB beyond month 6
    • Contract completion bonuses awarded at month 6 (4,000RMB) and month fifteen(8,000RMB)
    • Airfare: airfare reimbursed after arrival-7,000 RMB
    • Fully sponsored z-visa
    • Housing: furnished housing provided within walking distance of school
    • Paid Vacation: 7 days; 3 sick days
    • Health Insurance - National health insurance provided 
    • Schedule - Wednesday to Sunday