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5 Reasons to Teach Abroad NOW

5 reasons to teach abroad

So many people we talk to are too busy thinking of reasons NOT to teach abroad, they don’t want to think about the amazing experience that could be in their future. Here are the 5 great reasons to make the move to teach abroad.

  1. Do it while you ‘Still Can’

“I wish I never spent that time abroad traveling” said no one ever. Everyone’s situation is different, however when you have the chance to spend a year or two abroad, seize it! So many people find themselves quickly caught up in life’s commitments and make excuses as to why they can’t travel. Did you know that some jobs let you take your family (spouse & up to 3 kids) with you! Yup, flights and accommodation paid for.

  1. Open yourself to the rest of the world & gain a new perspective

Today’s world seems smaller than ever, however without truly experiencing other cultures for yourself it’s very hard to really get a real understanding them. There is no substitute for living in another culture yourself and immersing yourself in it. What better way to understand today’s multicultural and global communities (& classrooms!)

  1. Save money

Who says you can’t save money while seeing the rest of the world? Flights? Paid for. Housing? Paid for. Salary? As good as or better than at home. Cost of living in most places is less than what you experience at home as well. This all means that you will likely have much more disposable income than you currently have. Save it!

  1. Travel the world

Whether you find a job in Asia or the Middle East, so many new places are easy to get to for a weekend getaway. Fancy going to Hong Kong for a weekend from Korea? Less than 4 hours to fly. How about seeing the Taj Mahal in India from Abu Dhabi? Just 3 and a half hours to Delhi! Most employers pay for your flight to and from your home country, and some even offer a cash equivalent during school vacations so you can travel wherever you like. Fancy riding horses in Mongolia? It’s just a couple hours away from Seoul, South Korea.

  1. Meet new people

It goes without saying that you will meet a lot of characters while living abroad. From co-workers to curious shop-keepers to your favourite local barista- the world is a very friendly place. Anyone who has spent time abroad will tell you they have met some of their closest friends while abroad. You never know who you’ll meet!

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