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Teaching Abroad: Our Stories - UAE

Camel Crossing in UAE

This great little video comes to us from John, a recently placed Footprints principal in Abu Dhabi.

With the start of the school year coming up, everything might seem like one giant haze. I'm here to give you a few things that might help with your first few weeks.

Did you know that ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) has an app?

Roach vs Quarter

When I was growing up, mice were fairly common in the winter. Whether your house was clean or filthy, when it got cold, they would find their way inside. Roaches were a different thing. Roaches were the story of filth, it meant you had brought it from somewhere that had them or weren't doing your duties to clean and maintian your home.

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Abu Dhabi UAE Flag

I am sure that many of you are getting ready to come over and one of the major questions (after, did I make the right decision?) is what resources should I bring? What will be appropriate?
First and foremost, don't doubt yourself. Just stay the course. Here is the professional teaching standard relating to curriculum and in classroom practice.

Abu Dhabi Cake

On Friday, July 18th, "Hopeful Abu Dhabi" Teachers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut met up at the house of a generous hopeful in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

We (Hubby and I) announced that we are leaving the US to all of our friends and family then invited them to join us on July 5th for a Hawaiian Luau.

It was a magnificent time with a Pool that went as high as 14 feet; plenty of our favorite foods made by Family, shared with Friends and served on the grill of good intention.

My favorite feature of the event was the drinks and “Tiki Bar” that my cousin built.  I had enough fun to fuel my flight to the UAE.

Clad in Hawaiian prints, floral & "Beachy Keen" threads we danced, hugged and took farewell photos.

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People will ask you questions... whether you mind or not. Yesterday a friend of my family asked about my move and whether or not I've ever been to the UAE. It was the first time it fully dawned on me. I'm packing to move to a place that I've never been. Is it possible to give advice on something you've never done?

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4th of July

I spent this Fourth of July the way most Americans do.  I visited my family and friends, relaxed, and ate too much food at Barbeques.  My husband and I (clad in red, white and blue) tried to make “rounds” and say goodbyes all over New York State from Rochester to Brooklyn.   We visited: Westchester, New City, New York City, Nanuet and Spring Valley.

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Bringing Children to the UAE

Many of us research the idea and the various countries that offers an opportunity to teach aboard. While some of us were a bit more spontaneous like myself, I really entertained the idea and the reality of teaching aboard when Footprints Recruiting emailed me about their interest in my resume' to teach aboard. I had always had the fantasy of going aboard volunteering/working my skills in some school aboard.

Teaching Abroad in the UAE, Camel Spotting

You've interviewed, been offered, and accepted a position to teach in the UAE. The nervousness of the interview has worn off. The excitement of the offer has lightened. Reality is now setting in. You have to move your family half-way around the world! How are you going to do that? Do I bring them with me initially? Do I go on my own and have them come over later? What are the pros and cons of each option? Do I even have an option? These (and other) questions are valid and should be evaluated on a family by family basis. My best advice? Do your research and talk with your family.