Teach English in France

If you're ready for a change and have a passion for travel, you should consider the government-run Teaching Assistant Program in France

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Teach English in France
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Teach English in France

Imagine living and teaching in France. Famous for its beauty, its culture, its romance and fashion – all driven by its great people. Each year, France attracts a lot of interest from potential ESL teachers drawn to the amazing cuisine and top destinations like Paris or beaches of the French Riviera. Unfortunately, options for foreigners teaching English in France are more limited than other more common ESL destinations. Your best bet is the government-run Teaching Assistant Program in France, which recruits about 1,000 US and Canadian citizens under the age of 30 annually.

Salaries & Job Types

The TAPIF program is a good way to see France. You should be aware that the stipend of EUR 800 won’t cover all your expenses, so you should treat this adventure a little like volunteering – it’s unlikely you’ll save anything, but you’ll come back enriched. The intake for this program is limited to applicants who have an intermediate understanding of French (you’ll have to prove this), so take some time to brush up your skills if you’re serious about it. Other jobs do exist in private academies, but are rarer and have more stringent requirements – you must be a native English speaker with EU citizenship and a CELTA level TEFL certificate. Check out EF, IFG, or Inlingua if you’d like to try this route. Another options is getting a Working Holiday visa if your home country has this arrangement with France – you can find teaching work when you arrive. There are online ads for paid programs promising you an easy job in France – make sure you do your due diligence and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In general, we recommend avoiding paying any fees for a work placement.


You can be placed anywhere in France with the Teaching Assistant Program, though you can express a preference and it will be taken into consideration. The most popular academies are in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Grenoble – others include Amiens, Caen, Limoges, Poitiers, Reims, Rouen, and more. Consider teaching in French overseas territories. You can be living on an exotic island like Martinique or Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, or Reunion in the Indian Ocean.


The ideal applicant for TAPIF is a university grad (many apply in their senior year to arrive in France the fall after they graduate) with strong French language skills, some previous teaching experience (or experience working with kids or teens), and previous exposure to living or working abroad. TEFL certification is encouraged. An eager attitude can also improve your chances.