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Who Can Teach Abroad

Who Can Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad in South Korea with EPIK

Who Can Teach Abroad?

The requirements to teach abroad depend on the country‘s visa conditions and the employer’s specifications for employment. Footprints does not set the requirements, but works under the guidelines of our employers and their government. The minimum requirements for teaching abroad are:

  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
  • Current passport from one of the following countries (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America)
  • Native English speaker

We recruit for a broad range of positions so the requirements can vary dramatically. Further to the above requirements, some of our most popular programs need applicants to have certain qualifications and experience as follows:

Teaching abroad in South Korean Public Schools with the EPIK program require the following additional qualifications:

  • TEFL certificate of at least 100 hours if the applicant does not have a Master’s degree, Bachelor of Education/English/Linguistics or a year of teaching experience
  • Clear nationwide criminal background check

Teaching abroad in the United Arab Emirates with the Abu Dhabi Education Council require the following additional qualifications:

  • Teaching license from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States of America
  • Specialization to teach particular subjects and grade levels
  • At least two years’ full time classroom experience post-certification
  • 58 years of age or under when starting contract in UAE

The specific requirements for each teaching position are outlined in the job ads so please check these before applying. The final requirement is that you must be flexible, open to change and passionate about teaching. If you cover all of these requirements, we invite you to visit our job board to take your career on a field trip.