Teach Abroad in Abu Dhabi with ADEC

With so much to gain in professional development, life experience and financial advancement, you should consider teaching in the United Arab Emirates with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and Footprints Recruiting.

Apply Today if you are a certified teacher and ready to take your career to the next level. Math and Science teachers are especially in demand! These jobs are your best option.


  • Great jobs with excellent salary and free housing
  • 10,000 happy teachers placed abroad since 2001. 95% of our ADEC teachers would recommend us to a friend (the best rating of any agency)
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Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi
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Quick Facts

  • Salary: $3,300-$5,500 USD/month
  • Included Benefits: Accomodation in a private apartment (1 to 3 bedrooms, depending on family size), Return Airfare and Health insurance - both for you and your family,
    Paid Vacation (2 months + national holidays),  - all of these extras are covered by the employer as part of your contract.


ADEC, the Abu Dhabi Education Council, is a government organization responsible for all educational initiatives from early childhood to higher education in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADEC was formed in 2005 in order to develop education and educational institutions unique to the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It started with around 100 employees, now, the organization has a staff of well over 10,000 employed in teaching, administrative and support roles. ADEC's goal is to completely reform the education system in Abu Dhabi making it not just one of the best in the world, but a gold standard for education worldwide. Working with the ADEC program is a great alternative to teaching jobs in Dubai - Abu Dhabi is just an hour away from Dubai and is a great metropolitan city in its own right.

In 2009, ADEC introduced a reform to reach the highest international standards in education and produce the citizens that their future society and economy will need. The reform has been implemented from Kindergarten to Grade 7, with native English speaking teachers educating local students in the core subjects to ensure students become bilingual in English and Arabic. The innovative reform is based on international research, which means working for ADEC offers an excellent opportunity to work with world class talents and contribute to education excellence.

Teaching in Abu Dhabi Public Schools puts you in a challenging and rapidly changing environment where you can:

  • Develop with an international team of professionals
  • Earn a generous, tax-free salary on top of a comprehensive benefits package.

Teachers heading for Abu Dhabi will be challenged, rewarded and gain invaluable experience and memories working on a truly monumental educational reform.

If you've been looking at teaching jobs in Dubai, consider a placement with ADEC in Abu Dhabi instead. This is the only government public education program of this scope in the United Emirates. While teaching in Abu Dhabi, You'll have an opportunity to meet teachers all around the world working together towards a common goal. If you found us through "teaching jobs in dubai 2018" - why not expand your search to "teaching jobs UAE 2018" or "teaching jobs Abu Dhabi 2018 ". Accepting 2018 applications - get yours in today by applying above.