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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips: for teachers by teachers.

If you want curriculum teaching advice or creative lesson resources, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a whole range  of strategies from effective classroom management and differentiation techniques, to teaching in groups. If you fancy putting these teaching ideas into practice with a teaching job abroad, take a look at our Job Board which is packed full of teaching positions based all over the world. Take your career on a field trip - explore the world and become a better teacher on the way!

How to Create a Positive Learning Environment

I think that we can all relate to sitting in a class trying not to nod off or listening to an instructor who is brilliant in a particular field but who has no ability to engage students. As adult learners this is often something that we can overcome through self-motivation. We can be motivated by genuine interest in the subject or by the urge to get enough credits to graduate – either way works.

3 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Young Learners

Crafts can be a great way to engage young learners in language acquisition, and using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to learn or solidify some vocabulary on hearts, love, paper, scissors, colours and any number of other things, can be fun for students and teachers alike. With very little preparation, your class could have a happy fifteen minutes making a card for their parents, siblings or friends. This is very much a win-win situation: they learn their vocabulary for the day and bring home proof of this learning, while also having fun.

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