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Client profiles/Testimonials

Footprints Recruiting is proud to be working with such great clients around the world. We have worked with small language schools all the way up to large federal government school initiatives. You will find short client bios of some of our top clients - both public schools hiring certified teachers as well as ESL schools abroad.

Footprints has been the leading recruiter for EPIK (English Program In Korea, operated by the National Institute for International Education) since EPIK

CIEO (Canadian International Educational Organization) has a chain of schools in Guangzhou, Shenzen, Foshan, and Dongguan.  They offer two streams of

ADEC, or the Abu Dhabi Education Council, is the government body responsible for the public school system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADEC took over

Disney English is one of the largest and fastest growing employers in China.  They have an in-depth and robust training program that is fantastic for

The Hong Kong Education Bureau hosts one of the more desirable teaching programs in East Asia: the NET Scheme. The NET Scheme places Native English Teachers

The Jeollabukdo Office of Education (Jeonbuk POE) started working with us in early 2013 and is becoming one of the major public school programs for teachers

The Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education (Ulsan MOE) has hired hundreds of teachers through Footprints over the last five years.

The Ulsan MOE has

The Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) offers Career-based Technical Education (CTE) in English at the secondary and tertiary levels. The schools are