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Why Teach Abroad

Why Teach Abroad

Teach Abroad through Footprints - China

Why Teach Abroad?

So, you’ve found this website which likely means one of three things;

  1. You have an interest in teaching overseas and want to see what’s out there.
  2. Someone has sent you this link or you’ve found it somewhere and want to see what it’s all about.
  3. You’ve randomly stumbled here on an internet search. You’ve already got this far, why not keep reading?

First, a caveat. Our job is to convince you that teaching abroad is great, the bees’ knees or the elephant’s trunk if you will. That being said you should always do your own research as what we are about to tell you is entirely from our own perspective and quite frankly, we are a little in love with overseas education. So with no further delay, here are our top 6 reasons for you to go teach overseas!

  1. Personal Growth; teaching is one of those jobs that often takes you out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a stimulating and always changing job, teaching is as good as it gets. 
  2. We have teaching jobs for almost everybody; what other field of work is so open and accessible? We have jobs for fresh grads with a degree in any field. We also have jobs for certified teachers and administrators. So long as you have an open mind and meet the minimum requirements *Native speaker in possession of at least a Bachelor’s Degree, we have something for you.
  3. Adventure; how many other fields of work afford you the opportunity to safely work in parts of the world that you would normally never have the chance to see as well as actually experiencing the culture of those locations?
  4. Build your resume; even if a long term career in education is not your final goal, having some overseas experience that also involves a leadership aspect can be a huge advantage when competing in an ever constricting job market.
  5. Save your money; the majority of overseas teaching placements offer a competitive salary by North American standards. Couple this with the fact that your accommodation and flights are generally paid for as well as the fact that the majority of our placements are in countries with a low cost of living and you find yourself in a situation where it is easy to save at least $10,000 a year.
  6. Make friends and connections that will last you a lifetime; remember, you will not be the only foreign teacher wherever you end up. You will immediately be a part of a community of other likeminded individuals that are looking for something more than a 9-5 back home. Still interested? Look at the overseas teaching jobs, submit your application and take your career on a field trip.

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