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What Types of Teaching Jobs abroad

Teach abroad - Group of English Students

Welcome to the wonderful world of international teaching and education. In this section we will quickly go over the four major types of jobs in international education. We here at Footprints are lucky to be able to offer not only a wide variety of locations for teaching jobs, but also a wide range of types of teaching jobs. These range from jobs teaching English to jobs working as an administrator in different public school systems abroad.

Below you will find the four major types of jobs that we hire for in our programs abroad;

  1. EFL/ESL/TESOL Instructor: These are our entry level jobs abroad. These jobs require a Bachelors Degree and will usually require a TESL certification as well. Jobs in this stream are with employers such as the EPIK program in South Korea, private school teaching in China and private schools or Hagwons in Korea. You can expect to work with students ranging in age from kindergarten to grade 12.
  2. EFL/ESL/TESOL Teacher (Professor): These are our mid-level jobs abroad. These jobs require a Bachelors Degree and a professional TESL certification such as the CELTA or Trinity. Jobs in this stream are with Universities and Government bodies throughout the world but are mainly in the Middle East and China. You can expect to work with higher level students at the college or adult level.
  3. Certified Teacher: These are jobs for teachers that are certified in their home states or provinces. They require that the teacher has a Bachelors degree and a valid teaching licence. These jobs are generally K-12 and are usually in the public school system of the host country. Examples of these types of position are our jobs in Hong Kong and in Abu Dhabi with ADEC.
  4. Administrator: These jobs are open to teachers that have completed an administrative certification and have at least 5 years of experience as a Principal or Vice Principal. You can expect to work training both foreign and local teachers as well as providing guidance to whichever institute hires you regarding educational reform. An example of these types of positions would be our Principal/Vice Principal jobs with ADEC in Abu Dhabi or our Curriculum development jobs with IAT across the UAE.

Remember, the jobs we have on offer change all the time so be sure to keep checking our job board for the latest updates.