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Teaching Private Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Teaching Private Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Teaching in The UAE is a wonderful oppurtunity to not only see a breathtaking part of the world, but to also save a great deal of money. 

Now, although the pay of your new teaching job is awesome, you might feel tempted to raise additional cash on the side by teaching or tutoring privately. The problem is, that the particular VISA that teachers are granted in The UAE  limits teachers to one job.

This means that the VISA you are under does not permit you to teach or tutor privately or for any other company. If you choose to teach or tutor outside of the Abu Dhabi Education Council you run the risk of dismissal and deportation.

So we strongly suggest you to avoid any situation that could potentially result in you losing your job and having to leave the country. For more information, feel free to get in touch with one of the Footprints Middle East placement experts.