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Housing in the UAE

Housing in the UAE

You have successfully secured a position in Abu Dhabi, congratulations! But where are you going to live? Well, if you have secured a position with the Abu Dhabi Education Council or the Institute of Applied Technology to teach, you are in luck. Your housing will be provided for you, and both of these institutions will do their best to match your living needs.

If you are moving to teach on your own or with just your partner, you will be provided with a one bedroom apartment, or something of similar size, depending on availability. If you are coming over with dependent children, you would likely receive a 2-4 bedroom apartment or town house, depending on availability. Please remember that it is common in Abu Dhabi that all housing will be unfurnished. The Abu Dhabi Education Council will provide you with a furnishing stipend to accommodate this situation.

If you will be securing your own place please remember that housing in Abu Dhabi can be quite expensive. A one bedroom unit near the city center will run you about 6000AED or about $1600, a two bedroom about 10000AED - $2700, and a three bedroom about 15000AED - $4000. If want to live outside the city center you be looking about 4000AED or $1000 for a one bedroom apartment, and 10000AED or $2700 for a three bedroom apartment.