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Furnished Housing For Teachers in Korea

One of the standard questions we get from teachers heading to South Korea is, what is my apartment going to be like?  Let's work from the basics so that your expectations aren't too lofty.

First, forget about a bath.  I have only seen a handful of baths in all of Korea and we are talking over a decade now of experience... tracking into almost 2 decades.  The one plus is that if you can get past being naked in front of a bunch of people who are of the same gender as you, the Mog-yotang.

Second, forget about an oven.  You might have a toaster oven and if you don't... you can buy one.

Virtually all apartments in Korea come with the following:

  • western style bed
  • table and chairs
  • bureau/wardrobe
  • TV and likely a VCR or DVD
  • fridge
  • washing machine
  • western style toilet
  • stove
  • basic cooking supplies
  • basic forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks
  • basic cleaning supplies

If you don't have these basics, ask your Head Teacher or the manager.